Learning to Listen

...we must commit ourselves to listen to the voices of younger generations and the challenging messages they may bring to light.

Going for Growth, 2010

There's nothing more frustrating than thinking that no one is listening to you. It's a feeling children and young people often have.

In church, we are very good at deciding what children and young people need, telling them what to do, making decisions on their behalf. We forget that children and young people are the church of today. They have a wealth of ideas, suggestions and insights to share if only we will give them the time and space to do so. When we learn to listen to what they have to say, it will shape, challenge and change the church in exciting ways.

Learn to Listen offers a wide varietyof resources, ideas, suggestions and practical advice to help you take the first steps towards listening to the children and young people in your church community and beyond.

The good news is that you don't have to be an expert, or a youth leader, or a teacher. Anyone can listen - we'll help you learn how.

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