Construct a model or sculpture from junk

Construct a model or sculpture from junk

Creating a model or sculpture made from junk is a great way of children and young people expressing their views and opinions. It could be something small and simple using Lego or Play-Doh or a large piece filling an entire hall using an array of materials collected from a scrap store. The trick is not to focus on the construction itself but on how the children / young people are expressing their views and opinions in what they have created. It is important to let the children / young people know what questions you are asking as it is easy to get distracted. Explain to them that when they have finished their construction, they will also need to explain how it relates to the question.  This activity can be done in a large group or in small groups to gather a variety of opinions.

As an example you could give three groups a similar range of materials and the same three questions:

  • What in their opinion makes a good church?
  • What sorts of things would happen there?
  • What would make it attractive to other people who don’t normally go to church?

You would expect their models to reflect the three questions and provoke discussion across the three groups.  It is always good to have some pens and paper available to allow them to add words to their models or write notes in preparation for feeding back to others. It might be a good idea to take photographs of them so that you have a visual record. These can be shared later with the PCC or be put on the church notice board or website.

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