A dream Church

Sometimes we become so used to church as it is, we can't begin to imagine church as it could be. This is where listening to children and young people can challenge us, re-envision us, help us see new possibilities.

Craft, artwork and modelling would be particularly helpful whilst discussing these questions.

Sample questions about a dream church

  • What would the church of your dreams be like?
  • How would it be like church now? (Maybe it wouldn't.)
  • How would it be different to church now?
  • What would people do in your dream church?
  • How would people worship God in your dream church?
  • How would people learn about God in your dream church?
  • How would people know about God's love in your dream church?
  • What might it look like?
  • What might be inside it? Outside it?
  • What things might the building be used for?
  • What's the one thing we (you) could do to make church now more like your dream church?
  • If God is everywhere, why do we have churches? 
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