We all have gifts and talents which can be used in God's service. How can we discover what gifts and talents the children and young people in our communities have? By listening to them and giving them the chance to use them. Here are some questions to get the conversations going.

Sample questions about gifts

Some gifts don't come wrapped up - they might be things which you are good at, or things which people give to you like love and time and friendship which can't be put in a box.

  • What’s the best gift you have ever received/given?
  • What gifts or talents have you got?
  • How could you use them for God?
  • In what ways are you a gift to the communities you are part of?
  • In what ways are you a gift to the church?
  • Are there other ways you could use your gifts or talents in church?
  • What gifts do you see in other people in our church?
  • What would you like to tell other people about God’s gifts?
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