For many of us, school is a mystery. Teaching methods have changed and the responsibility that young people take on has increased. Listening to children and young people will give insights into the world they inhabit 5 days out of 7. It may also help us reassess the part they can play within our church community.

Sample questions about school

  • Tell me about your school. (Drawing might be an option for younger children.)
  • What's the best thing?
  • What is the most important thing about school?
  • What responsibilities do you have at school?
  • Do you have Collective Worship/assembly at your school? What happens in it?
  • Does Collective Worship/assembly make a difference in your school and your life?
  • How would you change Collective Worship/assembly?
  • What things do you learn about in RE?
  • How does RE (Religious Education) make a difference in your school and your life?
  • Are there links between the church and your school? What could make them better/stronger?
  • What does the Church do in your school?
  • What does your school do for your community?
  • What more could it do?
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