How can churches get involved?

Ask the questions - and listen to the answers

Every church can get involved by asking The Big Listen's three questions:

  1. What makes a good church for you?
  2. What could be changed to make church better for you?
  3. What difference does church make to you?

If you work with children or young people who don't come to church, you could ask:

  1. What is your view of church?
  2. What puts children or young people off going church?
  3. What would you change about church?

What could churches do?

Anglican churches are encouraged to host a week of activities to help listen to the voices of children / young people. This could be a one or more activities depending on how much contact a church has with children / young people. If there is little contact, try working with a local school, college, uniform group or a community group.

The focus of The BIG Listen is to learn from the views and opinions of children / young people about God, faith, life, the church and the world.

Each church engaging with The BIG Listen could celebrate the voices of the young through an act of worship at the end of Pentecost week.

How can churches get involved?

  • PRAY about what you might do

  • PLAN by speaking to your diocesan Youth / Children’s Work Adviser for ideas and resources,

  • VISIT or come up with some of your own ideas     

  • PREPARE what you will do, some churches may benefit from the Learn to Listen training

  • PARTICIPATE by doing what you have planned

  • PROCESS what the children / young people have said and consider how some of their ideas and suggestions might be put into action

  • PAUSE set a time to reflect with the children / young people about what impact their suggestions have had and if anything has changed

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