What is the Big Listen?

The BIG Listen encourages churches across the country to stop and listen to what children and young people are saying about church and faith. Find out what your children and young people have to say - and let us know. Let's make this a BIG Listen!

When is The BIG Listen?

The BIG Listen takes place during the week of Pentecost. 

Why Pentecost? At Pentecost God’s Holy Spirit was poured out in a new and transforming way and the early church was born. Lives, communities and structures were transformed as God spoke through ordinary people, both young and old. People listened - and things began to change.

The Big Listen is an opportunity to listen afresh to the voices of the young in this generation which challenge us to look again at our communities, structures and attitudes.

Pentecost in 2016 is 16th May.

It may not be possible to change everything over night, that would not be right.  One small thing at a time can make a big difference. Young people, Being Part 2010

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