Arty Mural

Page Summary

This activity includes exploring a theme and expressing thoughts and ideas through art.

Good For...

  • Creative types
  • Groups which aren't keen on talking
  • Working together
  • Creating a visual impact

You Will Require

  • A variety of art materials
  • Paper, card or a even a wall (a roll of lining paper works well for a mural)


  • 'Mess proof' your surroundings - plastic sheet on floor, aprons to protect clothes
  • Have easy access to cleaning materials
  • Chose a theme (talk with the group about this in advance) there are some suggestions below

What To Do

  • Talk with the group about the theme.What would they like to express?
  • How might that look in colour and images? Should it be one mural or several pictures joined together?
  • Plan out the mural - what will go where? who has responsibility for different sections?
  • Get creative!
  • When the mural is finished, talk together about what it shows - is anything missing? are there any surprises?
  • Ask the Group who they think should see the mural - what would they want to say about it?
  • Reflect - what have you learned? How might that feed in to what you (or the church) do? How can the young people be part of sharing their mural with others? Who can help things to change?

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Do It Differently

  • Give everyone a square of paper and ask them individually to decorate their square around the theme. Join the squares together to make a patchwork.
  • Use collage materials.
  • Turn the finished artwork into a PowerPoint presentation.