Activity 4 – Handout 4 Monitoring Impact

After consulting with children /young people follow the simple 5 steps on The Listening Cycle. It is important that governing bodies with children /young people have shared ownership of how suggestions are actioned, implemented and monitored. This form has been designed to help keep records.


1) Listen: Noting the details

Subject of consultation:

Date of Consultation:

Facilitated by:

Group consulted:

2) Reflect: Main points the children/young people have requested to be taken forward to the PCC for consideration:


3) Respond: Action to be implemented, as agreed by the PCC: (to be fed back to the children/young people)


Date for review:

4) Review: What has been achieved, what has been learned?


5) Monitoring:

By the agreed review date, what has changed as a result of implementing the agreed action? What needs to happen next? Who needs to be involved?