Rock and Sand


You will require

  • Rock and Sand cards (see template)
  • Questions relating to your subject

This session works better with primary school aged children.

Start by saying

Jesus told a story about two builders, one who built his house upon some soft grainy sand and the other who build his house on a solid rock. When the rain came down and the water rose up, the house built on the sand fell down because it was not built on a good base. But the house that was built on the rock stayed strong and firm because it was built on a good base.

During this activity the children are going to use the two cards of Rock and Sand to say what they like and don’t like about something by holding up the appropriate card after each question.

  • The Rock represents things we like as it is strong enough to build on
  • The Sand represents things we don’t like as it is not strong enough to build on

Example questions:

  • The church building / the building our children’s group meets in
  • The songs we sing at church / the way they learn about Jesus in our group
  • The prayers we say at church / the games they play in their groups
  • The way that adults treat children at church / the way that adult leaders listen to children

The children could say why they like or don't like things between each question or be given time to write or draw on the back of the respective cards. Collect the cards up to see what they say. These can be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

Rock and Sand Templates