Circle Time

Page Summary

This activity includes passing round a stone from person to person with whoever is holding the stone being the sole individual being allowed to speak.

Good For...

  • Sharing experiences/feelings
  • Gathering ideas
  • Allowing quieter group members have their say

You Will Require

  • A stone or similar object
  • A way of recording what is said


  • Decide on the topic(s) you want to explore there are some suggestions below

What To Do

  • Sit everyone in a circle.
  • Explain that the stone will be passed from person to person. Whoever is holding the stone can speak.
  • Introduce the topic and hand the stone to a member of the group.
  • Continue passing the stone until everyone has had a chance to say something. (You could go round a second time if you wish.)
  • If appropriate, continue the discussion by asking what could be done differently/what might make a difference.
  • Make brief notes of what is said (or ask someone to do it).
  • Reflect - What have you learned? How might that feed in to what you (or the church) do? Who can help things to change?

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Do It Differently

  • Make the first round a speed round with each person only allowed to speak for 20 seconds