Hit or Miss

Page Summary

This activity includes using a target system to evaluate how children/young people feel about aspects of an activity.

Good For...

Evaluating how children/young people feel about aspects of an activity

You Will Require

  • A4 sheets with targets (drawn or downloaded) and a statement (Just one - not three as in the example!)
  • Sticky dots


  • Draw up a list of statements about the activity you want to evaluate.
  • For each statement, produce a sheet with a 'target' on it + the statement. (The larger your group, the larger your sheet will need to be)
  • Adapt what the rings mean to suit your situation.

(NB The example has three statements simply to illustrate the kind of thing you might ask)

What To Do

  • Introduce the subject/activity to be evaluated by asking the children/young people to recap what they remember about it.
  • Place the targets around the room and give everyone enough sticky dots to have one for each target.
  • Invite the children/young people to walk around the room and ask them to place one on each target to show how they feel about each statement each statement.
  • Outside the target = It really didn't work; outer ring = it might have worked for some, but not for me; middle ring = pretty good; bullseye = spot on! Couldn't have been better
  • When everyone has used up all their dots, gather round each target in turn to discuss what it shows.
  • Where targets show significant negative response to the statement, ask for idseas as to how things might change.
  • Reflect - What have you learned? How might that feed into future activities? Who can help things to change