Ideas Tree

Ideas Tree

Page Summary

This activity works best with small groups of children aged 7+ and with teenagers. The idea is to create a tree full of leaves using the Post-it notes, that will contain their ideas and suggestions.

You Will Require

  • A tree image for each group (see examples)
  • Leaf shaped or green squared Post-it notes Pens
  • Flip chart paper or similar large sheets of paper


Ideas Tree Resources

What To Do

Choose an appropriate tree from the various templates by matching the number of branches to the number of questions you wish to ask. Increase the tree image to A3 or larger either on a photocopier or by drawing it on to a large piece of paper. Write each question next to a particular branch. Questions can be asked on a wide variety of subjects including church, worship, a youth / children group, life, faith, God, school etc.

Organise the children / young people into groups and explain to them that they will be discussing a particular topic by answering a selection of questions. Ask them to write their ideas and suggestions on to the Post-it notes and to then stick them next to the branch with that question by it.

Ensure each group has a tree shape with the questions on, Post-it notes and some pens. Then go through each question in turn (see sample questions on templates). When the groups have finished answering all the questions invite feedback.

Collect in the trees and write up the answers corresponding to each question. These can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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