Life In Order (Children)

Page Summary

This activity provides a set of 10 Life In Order cards, where the idea is for the children to place the cards in an order that they think is the most important to the least important.

You Will Require

  • A set of 10 Life In Order cards and somewhere to lay them out (see templates)


Lifeinorder Kids

What To Do

This resource is called Life In Order. Each child / group has 8 cards plus two cards with question marks on which can be used to add topics or themes of their own choice. They can work individually or in groups. It is really important to stress that there are no right or wrong answers in this activity only choices.

Invite the children to look at all of the cards and then place them in order of what they think is the most important to the least important. When each child / group has done this, invite them to share their order and explain it. This could form part of a wider discussion about which things are most or least important to them in life and inform how you work with them through the church or in their groups.

If this activity is being done with a group of children outside of the church it may help to inform and shape activities the church may offer to children in the future.

During this activity ask a leader to record the order of each set of cards by noting them down or by taking a picture of them. It will identify any common threads.

These can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.