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Page Summary

This activity includes getting the children / young people to write a # ….. in no more than 140 characters in order to start a conversation.

Good For...

This activity works best in small groups. It is a good way of children / young people telling you about their church or youth / children's group or event.

You Will Require

  • Paper
  • Pens

What To Do

Invite each group to write a # ….. in no more than 140 characters in order to start a conversation for example

  • # at our church we …………………...

Like Twitter, the word limit, is to encourage the groups to be precise and focussed.

Each group feeds back their # …….. As a conversation started to share with the other groups. Give each group a time limit of 3—5 minutes in order to keep things moving.

Then to evaluate they can write three more # ………….most like, don’t like and how they would change things if they need changing.

Groups can display their # …….. for the other groups to see and comment on. These can be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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