Dotty Voting

Page Summary

This activity includes using coloured dots to vote on a chosen subject.

Good For...

  • Identifying how something might change
  • Deciding what might be needed for a project/new role
  • Helping a group listen to each other's opinions/ideas and come to a concensus

You Will Require

  • Flip chart/large sheets of paper
  • 3 sheets of A5 paper per group
  • Pens
  • Sticky dots in various colours or shapes

What To Do

  • Together with the group, introduce a general discussion on the chosen subject (see below for suggestions).
  • Record all the responses on flip chart paper.
  • Divide into smaller groups and give each group 3 sheets of A5 paper.
  • Ask each group to agree their top three thoughts/ideas which came from the discussion. Write one on each sheet of paper.
  • Display all the sheets of paper, merging similar responses and duplications. Allow a little time for discussion/questions/clarification.
  • Give each child/young person three coloured dots.
  • Invite the children/young people to walk around the room and vote for their top three ideas using the sticky dots.
  • Identify the cards which represent the top three thoughts/ideas.
  • Have the children/young people prepare a way of presenting their thoughts/ideas to the PCC/church leaders/other stakeholders
  • Reflect - what have you learned? How might that feed in to what you (or the church) do? Who can help things to change?

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What do you like about your church building?

Is there anything you don’t like about your church building?

What would the perfect church building be like, use words or drawings?

How do you feel about the youth/children’s worker leaving and a new youth/children’s worker coming

What do you think our new youth/children’s worker could do? >

What do you think a youth / children’s worker does in their role?

Do It Differently

Bring adults and younger people together. Have a short talk to introduce the topic (eg why we are thinking about our church building; building links with our local school), then follow as above.