Paper Chains * adapted from Children’s Society

Page Summary

This activity uses a paper chain to explore main themes on a chosen subject through discussions.

Good For...

This activity works for a large, small, mixed gender or same sex groups.

You Will Require

  • Coloured paper chain strips
  • Flip chart paper
  • Pens

What To Do

Explain that you are going to be looking at the things that they like most about.

Start with an open discussion with the children / young people on the chosen subject (for instance church). During the discussion identify five or six main themes about church and write them on a piece of flip chart paper. Then allocate a colour paper-chain strip to each theme.


  • Red: Music and singing
  • Blue: Bible reading and sermon / talk

Related Questions

Is worship important to you, if YES why, if NO why not? >

Are there any songs or activities in a worship service that you don’t like? Why? >

What do you think about the songs/prayers/talks/ in our church services? >

How does your church help you learn more about God, faith, the Bible, prayer? What more could be done?

Do you feel included when we have Communion, if YES why, if NO what more could be done to include children/young people?

What do you think about Communion?

What are the people at church like? What do you think of them?

What is it like at church before and after services?