Roll of the Dice

Page Summary

This activity includes dice and 6 numbered cards, with a question on each to provoke discussions amongst a group.

Good For...

This activity works for large, small, mixed gender or same sex groups.

You Will Require

  • A dice (large or small)
  • Six numbered A5 cards with a number on one side and a question on the other
  • A timer
  • Paper and a pen


Prepare 6 A5 cards with a number on one side and a question on the other

What To Do

Explain that you are going to be looking at the things they like most about a topic.

Place the six cards on to the floor or table with the numbers facing up. Then invite one of the children / young people to roll the dice. If, for example they roll a three, you turn over card three and talk about the question for two minutes (using the timer). Repeat this activity until all of the cards have been turned over and all of the questions have been asked. If the dice shows a number you have already spoken about you can either roll again or offer a further 30 seconds to talk about that question. The timer adds anticipation to the activity.

During this activity, ask another leader to write down the children’s / young people’s suggestions . At the end of the activity recap on what the children / young people have said and invite them to identify a few suggestions that can be taken forward. These can then be fed back to the PCC and other stakeholders.

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